82 Jeanne Damas Style You Should Be Stalking

This fashionable French top model is returning all the world of vibes.

Whenever the name Jeanne Damas does not echo a bell, I’ve two tasks for you. First, delight familiarizes you with her social media on Instagram. Second, acknowledge these; she is a French role model and influencer who has her own appareling line called Rouje.

Jeanne has freshly reignited (or did it always require reigniting?) the western public captivation with the inhospitable and casual “French young lady.”

To comprise less unique, Jeanne Damas incarnates the idealistic of the “Parisian facial expression”; she’s the young lady who wears Chanel No. 5, rocks flats rather than high stiletto heels, and broadly drapes absolutely tailored jackets across her shoulders. She might be smoking a cigarette – which I’m not promoting – but contempt that, you’re bewitched by her, and the rude makeup and hair she accepts.

Curious yet? Eager to cut out images of Jeanne and craft an improvised shrine of her? (No, just me?) Do not fret! I have examined a few appears of hers in the order you do not have to do the dirty exercise.

At a lower place, I’ll share a deep guide to acquiring Jeanne Damas’ fashion for yourself, with depth psychology of her wardrobe, accessories, and beauty regimen.

Jeanne Damas’ apparel:

Let’s talk about accessories.

We have Jeanne casually squinting at us, making us doubtfulness how she can possibly comprise so unaware of how accurate her matching skills are. How she acquired her time of origin wicker basket bag (don’t mention it) to match the shade of the print on her shirt, I’ll never know.

Jeanne accepts great care to align accessories with her apparel. Everything. Adds up.

Here, we have legitimate proof that Jeanne and Jane accept communicated in the style universe, via the Birkin basket.