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This is a blog that provides a wide range of information about fashion and woman style. We update our blog a few times every day with various home design and home remodel tips, DIY projects, fashion ideas and advice from fashion designers and artists.

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Our main goal is to keep you informed about the latest fashion trends and help you create the perfect style for you and your family. With us, designing your look can be affordable, environmentally friendly and fun. We try to give you all the information you need and various ideas to inspire you. We believe that your family happiness and success in life depend on your beautiful surroundings and healthy environment.

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For posts we use professional advice from designers and other specialists from all over the world to help you achieve your dreams of creating the perfect style. We also give you tips from our personal experience. Feel free to use the contact form to send us your own designs or suggestions and questions you may have about our blog. You can also leave feedback in the comments section below each post or our social media.
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For more than five years, DressFitMe has been the thinking woman’s fashion and beauty destination, with a purpose to entertain, inform and campaign on the issues that matter to women.

It was made up of a multi-award-winning team of digital writers, influencers, and experts, covering a range of global topics, including fashion, harmony, relationships, careers, plus agenda-setting news – all while keeping authority and authenticity at its heart.

With over five years of championing sustainability within the lens of people, planet, and regeneration, DressFitMe is concerned with women’s brands supporting environmental issues ranging from global warming to ethical style.

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